11th August 2016

Our Latest Game

This is awesome news for any of you Warhammer / Mordheim fans out there! We're going to be bringing our Mobile device adaptation of Games Workshops tabletop game Mordheim to iOS November this year. It's still currently in development, but we've made huge progress and love how far it has came! We don't plan to stop there either and have hopes to bring Mordheim: Warband Skirmish to Android devices as well... So don't worry, we aren't excluding any of you Android users. We're also attending the Warhammer Age of Sigmar open day on the 13th so if any of you are attending let us know so we can tell you where we'll be set up! You'll be able to experience Mordheim: Warband Skirmish before any one else...

Sign up to the Forums if you haven't already, where you'll have the opportunity to test out the latest builds, voice your opinion on what needs to be improved and give some general feedback to the rest of the team.

If you'd like to learn more about the game, visit our homepage and click on the "Mordheim: Warband Skirmish" portal where you'll be able to sign up to all the latest news. 

12th July 2016

Year 0 Tactics (Russian Support)

Year 0 Tactics has now been launched on the VK network. It is a social media network with over 100 million active users! Most of which are Russian speaking users. Year 0 Tactics now has full Russian language support through VK which we're extremely happy about. We want the game to be as accessible as possible and by adding more language support we're definitely doing that!


If you'd like to take a look at VK for yourself feel free to head over to this link

30th June 2016

Year 0 Tactics GREENLIT

After being on Steam for nearly a whole year, Year 0 Tactics has made it through the Steam Greenlight process. This is definitely a day to remember for all of us and we couldn't be more proud. Thank you to every one that has taken the time out to support us during our time on Steam and we'll be sure to come back with a bang when releasing the Year 0 Tactics Steam version.

If you'd like to take a look at the page for yourself feel free to head over to this link

7th June 2016

The launch of EDIA's website!

We've recently been working with a company called EDIA Environmental Insurance who first contacted us requesting that we create a website for them. The website had to be visually impressive, easily accessible and above all educational. We inputted our 3D WebGL technology which enabled us to create an informative yet stunning website for the company and we're extremely pleased with the result!

If you'd like to check out the website or learn more about the project head over to this article and make sure you share with your friends.

12th October 2015

Year 0: Tactics finalist for Game of the Year!

Exciting news this week! We're one of the TIGA finilists for Social game of the Year 2015! Year 0 Tactics is a great game to play with friends and family. What makes it so brilliant is it is multi platform, anyone with a device and an internet connection can play Year 0. 

Theres 2 other games which are finilists for our category so all your support would be massively appreciated! You can check out the other categories and nominees here:


The Legendary Team

6th October 2015

French language support on Tactics!

GREAT NEWS! We have now localized all of the game to French for both Google play users and our own Portal players! 
Check it out and download now for your mobile!…

28th September 2015

Year 0: Tactics is on Steam Greenlight!

We're on Steam Greenlight!

Take the epic sensation of winning raids on Year 0 and add enhanced graphics and what do you get? 
The Year 0 Tactics steam version!

We promise to deliver the same intense PvP strategy game, but we want to update all the visuals. And we mean everything! 
We want to give you new terrain & environments; including cities, woodland and deserts, advanced lighting and post processing effects making the game most realistic and new higher resolution textures adding extra detail!

This is only possible with the help of you, our most loyal fans, please check out our Steam Greenlight page and vote yes!
We have big plans for this, lets make them happen together!

17th August 2015

The evolution of Year 0: Tactics

Wow, it's almost been a whole year since Year 0: Tactics was launched on Amazon Kindle & FireTV. Needless to say, theres been some huge updates! We love giving you, our community, the content what you want. We've listened to your voice and pushed out some great and colourful content for the game, some of which, has been updating the visuals and graphics. We plan to continue to give you great content over the course of the next few months. And, with our promised steam build for Year 0: Tactics you'll get the oppurtunitiy to have your say for the game.

24th July 2015

New competition- design a new in game unit for Tactics!

Today I'm excited to announce the launch of a new competition! This competition will involve designing the visual look for the new unit we want to release into Year 0: Tactics called the battle harvester.

The primary and sole purpose of this unit to to destroy enemies defenses. This focuses on cutting through walls quickly. This can look however you want it to look and we are really excited to see some of your designs.

There is no deadline for now, so you have it least a few weeks.

Remember there are some cool prized up for grabs here!

To visit current entries and upload your submission visit here:

2nd July 2015

Build a 3D virtual environment - with our Virtygon tech

Legendary makes cutting edge multi player multi platform games but when we aren't building games about blowing up tanks and giant rats we use our technology for much more virtuous projects creating enterprise solutions to modern day problems.

Using our latest tech we have developed a 3D environment builder which can has limitless uses. Virtygon is still in its earliest stages but we have very high ambitions and goals for the technology and it would be great to have some feedback.

Try building your own virtual environment today and leave us some suggestions to improve!

23rd June 2015

Worldwide android release for Year 0: Tactics

Today is the day! Fans... Take the battle mobile and get your android device ready to install Year 0: Tactics.

For free you can traverse and battle in the epic world of Year 0. With our multi log in you can choose to sign in using your device or your Facebook account where you can get connected with your friends across the world.

Sick of boring bus journeys? Obliterate your friends base while you wait. Feel the urge to blow some stuff up? Build a tank and annihilate!

We haven't forgotten about iOS, we are currently in the progress of building a version for all apple users out there which will be coming soon.

9th June 2015

Year 0 Tactics released on android! (UK ONLY)

The day has come! Finally - UK residents can get their hands on Year 0: Tactics for free on google play. We have targetted a limited release of UK only so when we do release globally the game will be perfect. As with any release, we expect a whole bunch of funny bugs to come back. After ironing all these out we will release worldwide!


Also - iOS users don't worry, we haven't forgotton about you. We currently have an iOS build in the works so you should be expecting that in the upcoming weeks!


Thanks for all the testers who have helped us get this far and anyone who has provided us with feedback. If you do download Tactics (please do) be sure to give us a nice 5 star rating on google play :)



5th June 2015

Tactics android release coming very soon!

It's almost here. We're just going through some minor adjustments to get the game as best as we can when it launches! Keep an eye out for this one!

12th May 2015

Year 0: Tactics launched into the real world with 3D printing!

The creators of the post apocalyptic 3D multiplayer strategy game Year 0: Tactics, Legendary Games and, the leading platform for 3D Printed merchandise are excited to announce their collaboration and launch of the Year 0: Tactics 3D print models. You can now own your 3D Model!

If you're a fan of Year 0: Tactics or if you're a 3D printing hobbyist looking to get your hands on some awesome military style figurines take a look at our roster of 3D printable units. With a wide range of materials available you can truly customize your very own 3D printed model with

The barren wasteland world of Year 0: Tactics is a true survival of the fittest. The 3D multiplayer game places players in the shoes of a Marauder gang, survivalists of a nuclear winter. Players must raid other players to gather precious resources that are used to fund their army, supply upgrades and improve their defensive structure.

Year O: Tactics is the first release of browser gaming merchandise in In near future is bringing out first ever 3D printed figurines from ITV’s legendary Thunderbirds and Warner Bros. iconic DC Comics Super Heroes.

To visit the Year 0: Tactics printing store follow the link!

31st March 2015

The day of the Harvester has arrived!

The day of the Harvester has arrived!

We have some big treats and announcements for you today. The long awaited and anticipated Harvester update is now live. The Harvester is the most iconic unit piece in Year 0: Tactics and we believe the older model that we all know didn't do itself justice. With this in mind, our 3D artist has been working nonstop upgrading the Harvester with more polys, textures and animations, transforming it into the mothership of Tactics!

This isn't all we’re giving you today though. We’re also very excited to announce the implementation of a new ranking system which will make the game more competitive. Player titles have now been introduced ranging from some low level entry names such as Marauder to prestigious titles which demonstrate your battle capabilities and seasoned knowledge on the game, such as Warlord. Currently, 10 ranking titles exist and you can achieve these ranks in a range of different ways. These currently include:

The ranking title will appear before your personal name in the high scores table. Let’s see who can achieve the highest rank first!

Finally, there are some more tweaks and adjustments for the game. We've been focusing on performance and tutorial changes. The tutorial is now easier to understand and will give players a better insight into the game quicker. Additionally, we've made tweaks to farms as they will now award players with more resources. Players will also now find that their bases are significantly cheaper to repair after being pillaged in a raid.

13th March 2015

Would you like to test our latest apps?

So over this weekend we're looking to do some testing on 2 new applications we plan to release on Monday. After a lot of hard work trying to get everything in order, we've now set up the apps ready for testing. Ofcourse, we need some testing results!

If you'd like to get some extra Legendary Kudos and be helpful you could drop me a reply to this thread asking for more details, or send an email to me:

We really would appreciate anyone who tests it for us as we really want the release to go as smooth as possible. The 2 new apps we need testing are a Dice app, where players can roll up to 10 dice and a score pad app, where players can keep track of scores for games. Some of you may actually find this useful! Ofcourse you'll get access to the apps for free and we're currently recruting ANDROID devices, with iOS to follow soon after. So, if you want to become a tester, make sure you have an android device :)


6th March 2015

Ewan Lamont is speaking at Confetti Industry Week!

Our CEO is speaking at industry week today at the confetti institute today talking about Legendary Games, the games industry and Year 0: Tactics. As well as this, he's also giving students the opportunity to play test some of the latest features of Year 0: Tactics and hear their feedback, which is always lovely!

If you're a student at Confetti make sure you head down to Ewans talk. Hes talking all day so you can't miss him! Thanks everyone! 

23rd February 2015

We hit 1000 likes on Facebook, thank you!

We did it everyone! 1000 likes. Thank you so much for all the ongoing support you continue to show us. We love our community and we're so pleased to see how the Facebook fan page and Year 0: Tactics has grown over the past couple of months. Without you, the game wouldn't be where it is now so please carry on giving us some quality feedback on our forums. Let your friends and family know about Year 0: Tactics so you can raid them! 
Now lets go for 2000!

19th January 2015

Legendary Games will be on Notts TV

We recently had the opportunity to chat to NottsTV about our company and our latest title; Year 0 Tactics. Some of the Legendary staff including the CEO, Ewan Lamont,  were interviewed by NottsTV asking us about the company, ongoing projects and what our role is within the organisation. We were also given the opportunity to show off our latest game Year 0 Tactics a little bit, which we look forward to showcasing the Tactics trailer on TV. We have a slot on Tuesday 3rd Febraury at 7.30pm during the working week show. Make sure you tune into the Legendary Team tonight to hear out about our tech, games and team!

NottsTV website

16th January 2015

Year 0 Tactics released on Facebook!

Today, marks a new milestone for Legendary Games. We are very excited to announce the official launch of Year 0 Tactics on Facebook. Until now, players could only gain access to Tactics through the browser on PC, but now we have an application built into Facebook that will allow you to connect & play with friends, share your progress and join one of the worlds biggest and leading game platforms.

We have replaced the 'Play now on Facebook' button with a link that will take you directly to Tactics. The older Year 0 will still be available on Facebook, and we will be supporting it, but we want to put your focus directly on Tactics as we know you're all going to love it.

If you're a fan of Year 0, You're going to love Year 0 Tactics. The game is set in the same post apocalyptic world as Year 0, but you know play as a Marauder, who were a complete plague in Year 0. With improved graphics, stunning particle effects and engaging game play, share this post and tell your friends and family about Year 0 Tactics, and let your battle commence.

6th January 2015

The New Year with Legendary Games

The holidays are over... the New Year has begun and we're excited to put new plans into action here at Legendary Games. As mentioned before, we have some possible new projects we may working on in the near future which we're all very excited about, but only time will tell. For now, our true focus remains on Year 0 Tactics. With the official release at the tail end of last year for Kindle platform, now we are in fact planning to release to more platforms soon. We are currently looking into builds for Android and iOS as well as considering other platforms to push Tactics out too.

With that aside, we would once again like to wish you a Happy New Year, stay tuned for a content update next week!

18th December 2014

The new Legendary Games blog

With Christmas slowly approaching and the new year creeping around the corner, 2015 looks like a very promising year for Legendary Games. With Tactics being put into development earlier this year, it's been an amazing journey and a test of knowledge, might and willpower. With that being said, Tactics is renown as the first HTML5 game for Kindle platform, and that's something we're very proud of.

As the new year is almost here, We've been looking down many different roads as to what the next year has in store for us at Legendary Games, but we're excited about a few unique projects we have in mind which are different to what we've done before. Additonally, we've been working on a 2D Canvas game alongside Tactics, which we've been keeping very secret, but hopefully we should soon be able to release photos of the game.

With all these possibilities of where to take Legendary next, I decided to open a blog. The blog will be used to announce any major news, stories, and updates I feel the need to share with you. Similar to on Facebook, but the quality of writing and detail will be improved. If you like keeping up to date on all our news, I suggest you head over there and follow. 
Thanks for reading and keeping in the loop.

12th December 2014

Year 0 Tactics Press release

I'm pleased to announce that today marks the official release of Year 0 Tactics onto amazon FireTV and Fire platforms. A game created in the goo engine utilising HTML5 and WebGL components, Tactics marks the progression and development of HTML5 as a serious platform for game development. Here at Legendary, we have the experience, skill set and the know how to create cutting edge multiplier HTML5 games and Tactics marks the birth of a new era.

We have received an huge amount of support from Goo Technologies and Amazon and we're very proud and excited to be in a joint press release for HTML5 on FireTV. The Amazon App Store developers blog announced the introduction of HTML5 support for Fire and Year 0 Tactics is the worlds first 3D HTML5 game available on the platform.

In Year 0 Tactics, players lead a vicious band of marauders in a post-apocalyptic tactical battle game. As play unfolds, you build your base, upgrade your troops, then raid and pillage other players for precious resources. All raids are real time, against real people in a turn-based war game.
The game is set in the same universe as the groundbreaking Year 0 but this time users get to play the marauders that were a constant plague to the bunker dwellers. Fans of tactical, turn-based, combat games and multi-player base building games will love Year 0 Tactics.

This is very exciting for us and we have loved working with both amazon and goo technologies, its great to see our game getting some attention and support and the user base growing, and here onward, it's only going to grow more and more, so give this forum a share, let your friends and family know about us on Facebook and twitter, and we'll see you on the battlefield.

You can play Tactics here:

5th December 2014

Year 0 Tactics Amazon update

You can now download Year 0 Tactics from the Amazonstore for your FireTV and Kindle devices + an exclusive 100 credits for the discounted price of £1.99. This 100 credits will give you a huge benefit in game as it will allow you to purchase new units way before most other people would unlock them and also to speed up build and repair times. This is a great opportunity to give new members a boost so they can quickly work their way up the leader board! So, now is the best time for our amazon users to sign up and play! Put the word out about the Year 0 Tactics update on Amazon platforms! You can check out the Year 0 Tactics Facebook page here Year 0

26th November 2014

Legendary is 4 years old!

Raise your glass, yesterday marked the 4th birthday of Legendary Games! Since the company was founded by Ewan Lamont and Gavin Rummery 4 Years ago, Legendary has evolved into becoming one of England's most well known indie developers and has given Nottingham's indie developers a face in the industry. Our games mark the progression of HTML5 and we are proud to be designing games for this technology. We have also seen a number of projects come through our 'Legendary Services' side of the company and are currently working on a big title which we can't wait to tell you all about once its done and dusted! Without our community we wouldn't have ever got this far so we would like to say a big thank you and reign on Legendary Games! Here's to another 4 Years!

18th November 2014

Thank you AppsWorld London!

Wow! What a brilliant trip Ewan (CEO) and myself (Charlie) had at AppsWorld London this year! We met so many fantastic gaming companies showcasing their new titles, a lot of kean individuals wanting a foot in the door in the games industry and also a whole bunch of strategy games fans! So thank you to everyone who went and made the exhibition as fantastic as it was!

When we set off for AppsWorld on Tuesday the 11th (not long after my suitcase wheel abandonded me due to the weight of flyers I had stuffed into my bag) we had a goal in mind: to create awareness of the company and give everyone ranging from developers to gamers an insight into what Legendary Games can offer you. And, with help from our artist Sam, we were able to do so as he produced a flyer which demonstrated both sides of the company which was used to explain our services as some people were a little confused... So thanks Sam!

With that in mind, we had a whole bunch of people show interest in us and our games which was great to see and witness people playing our games with a smile on their face. And as a result of AppsWorld, We've gained a few more active players on our game currently in development (the game we were showcasing) Year O Tactics!

Ewan was also invited as a speaker to the event to speak alongside prestigious individuals such as  his best chum Prof. Brian Cox or as Ewan knows him by, Coxxy. With Ewans speaker pass granting him the oppurtunity to speak on a panel discussion alongside other indie development teams, Ewan was discussing the challenges indie developers face when going mobile! In addition to this, Ewan also got the oppurtunity to tell the audience about Legendary Games and the game we were promoting on our 2 day stay which was a great way to get some extra attention to our little stall!

Not long after this, Ewan and myself were given the oppurtunity to take part in 'The big Indie Developers pitch' which was a competition developers took part in pitching their game in a speed dating fashion to 4 sets of judges, and the best IP would win a special prize! Sadly, we didn't win but we learnt a lot from the experience and it was great fun to take part of... and hectic at times!

Looking back on the trip we learnt a lot about ways to improve Tactics as a result of observing players test the game and their own general suggestions, which is great, as we now face the final few weeks before we officially release Tactics! We are very excited about this!

If you're interested in playing Year 0 Tactics, visit our games portal tab and try it out today! Dont forget to sign onto the forums where you can post your ideas and suggestions surrounding the game :)


Once again we would like to thanks AppsWorld London again for this amazing oppurtunity to showcase our games and the company, and we look forward to coming next year! (if we get invited)

23rd January 2014

Buildings and Defences for Year 0 Survivors

As Year 0 gets closer and closer to open beta, the changes and new features are being rolled out thick and fast. The latest feature will allow players to build defences and modify the terrain on the battlefield. This will add several new tactical and strategic aspects to the gameplay. You’ll get the chance to optimise your territories by building both defences and enhancements on scavenged terrain, making it that much harder for opponents to attack you. The building feature will also bring you more resources, energy and support value making territories that much more valuable to defend. There will be plenty of new things to consider when thinking about how you are going to organise your troops and use your territories.

More news will be available soon on the forums.

12th July 2013

Legendary Forum

We have just launched our new forums  When we started the company there seemed a lot of compelling reasons not to have a forum.  With everyone active on on reddit, Howwl or social networking sites forums were increasingly looking like yesterday’s medium.  There is also the long held belief within small indies that with forums you can only lose.  If they work you have a nightmare task feeding and responding to the community.  If they don’t work you have an empty husk that looks pretty bad to the outside world.  With this in mind we decided to use facebook and twitter mainly to liaise with the community.  Over time though, we discovered that this really wasn’t the right environment for players to feed back their thoughts, and the just didn’t.  Only the private more intimate feel of a forum gave us the ability to interact directly with people and get truly qualitative feedback.   And so our Fourm’s are now open for business humming away with the chatter of happy players brining with ideas and suggestions.  Please join them

24th April 2013

Legendary Party for Prince Harry

As part of his visit to Nottingham Prince Harry will be touring Antenna Media Centre where Legendary Games is based, one of only three stops on his visit to Nottingham.

Prince Harry will be accompanied by the Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham Sir John Peace and members of the Royal Household.  He will go on to officially open the city’s new television station and several Legendary Games staff will be at the celebration.

4th April 2013

Happy Birthday, Mozilla!

Fifteen years ago, Mozilla was born out of the idea that a tiny non-profit powered by a huge global community could build a better Web.   The Mozilla story is one that excites us and we are doing our best to support all they do.  We have donated and ordered our own 15th anniversary dinosaur.  Have you?

14th March 2013

Legendary in Lincoln

Last Wednesday Ewan Lamont the CEO of Legendary Games shared his experiences and insights into the games industry with the students of University of Lincoln.  As Legendary Games opens up its next round of internship positions it has been reaching out to local universities.  Ewan said “Legendary Games has been well supported with quality internship candidates from the University of Lincoln and are happy to help support them in any way they can - particularly when it involves encouraging the technical and creative talent of the future”.  Anybody interested in applying for an internship at Legendary please follow us on our social networking sites to find out when the next application round begins.

8th March 2013

Cavatore Kickstarter Busting Stretch Goals

Legendary Games congratulate Alessio Cavatore the creator of Shuuro with his and Mantic games success in their joint kickstarter bringing the characters from Wrath of the Elements to life on the table top.  If you are a shuuro player and fancy your own finely sculpted chess set dont forget to plegde your support whilst the project is open:

14th February 2013

Legendary Runs Testing Seminar for Game Students

Every year Students at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies look forward to meeting and being inspired by top names in Music, TV & Film and Gaming. The students’ usual timetable stopped, to be replaced by a week of workshops, activities and evening events delivered by invited industry experts. On Wednesday Ewan Lamont the CEO of Legendary Games shared his experiences and insights into the games industry and then lead 50 students through a game testing seminar letting them have access to Legendary’s mid development game Year 0.

24th January 2013

First Testers Experience Year 0

Lots of positive feedback from first Year 0 testers:

“Once you understand the basics it is a very addictive game” 

“Have been playing for a couple of days and have become hooked.”

” Love the feel of the game.”

“Pleased to see that you don’t have to level up and that at any time you can find a new bit of tech”

We will soon be letting in more people to test the changes suggested by the first wave.  If you want to join them please join the community page

8th January 2013

New Year New Platform: Shuuro on Chrome Web Store

Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements has just launched on the chrome web store. The game is linked at the server so the players on facebook can play against the players on google plus... I wonder who would win.  The Chrome Web Store is Google's online store for web applications for Google Chrome or Google Apps. The software allows users to install and run web applications for the Google Chrome browser.  The store hosts free and paid applications and has been described as being like Google Play, but for "apps on the web”.

Legendary Games plans to have all their games on all game app stores by the end of 2013.

24th December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We wish you all the best over the festive season.  What ever age you are may Santa bring you lots of toys and games to play with.  It has been a great year for Legendary Games and we are looking forward to the next one and we really hope you will be part of it

3rd December 2012

Year 0 “tops the bill” in New TIGA Curated Page on Kickstarter

Legendary Games is delighted to have its game featured in the new TIGA curated page on Kickstarter.  TIGA is a rapidly growing and successful award-winning trade body for game developers and digital publishers. Kickstarter is a crowd funding website and represents an exciting new way to fund video games. With increasing concern over the ability of some organizations to be able to deliver on their projects it is great that TIGA is able to facilitate a page  where pledgers can find a gold standard of project that is more likely to deliver

The URL to the Curated page can be seen here:

26th November 2012

Legendary Games is Two Years Old Today

Two years ago Legendary Games successfully managed the transition from AAA Console and PC MMO to HTML5.  Now employing 15 full time and freelance staff the company has come a long way.  Legendary worked with a famous games games developer publishing two games on Social networking sites, a teacher training educational game for Protocol National, developed several web sites and has lead three large government funded R&D projects.


Legendary have released a podcast celebrating their achievements and revealing what they think about their most recent Kickstarter project Year O.

Ewan Lamont CEO said “It is sad to see local AAA studio closing I only hope that the success of Legendary can show that there is hope still for the industry “

22nd November 2012

Year 0 Launched on Kickstarter

Legendary Games has just launched a Kickstarter project to fund Year 0, a Post Apocalyptic themed, browser-based, multiplayer,turn based tactics game.  at the recent Press launch in London we announced that players will battle for survival and to mould the new world in their image. Not only do they need to scavenge for food and material to rebuild their world, they must also form alliances and fight the other survivors for scarce resources and territory. 

The game will be truly innovative using brand new HTML5 technology that will allow it to be accessed from any browser equipped device and embedded in any browser carrying platform.  Players playing on the facebook version of the game on their pc will be able to play directly with and against players using the app on their mobile phone.

The project URL:

13th November 2012

Year 0 at Tiga Discovery Day

One of the biggest challenges facing game developers PR!  How can we get opinion leaders to play and then talk about our games?  Thankfully Tiga our trade body are trying to help by organising a press conference for new and up and coming games at  Panmure Gordon’s swanky offices in London. We will be presenting our demo of Year 0 and launching our Kickstarter funding drive to finish off the last little bits of work before we can get it live.  You can find out more about the event here and see our current trailer for Year 0 here.

5th November 2012

New opportunities with the DNCC

Legendary Games has recently joined Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce.  Through membership of DNCC Legendary hopes to access extensive networking opportunities and a wide range of discounted services, international trade services and information services.

10th October 2012

Are You all Set for Game City?

Europe’s biggest and best-loved videogame culture festival is set to come back to Nottingham on October 20th-27th and Legendary Games are excited to be part of it.  We will be showing off the progress on our latest game, Year 0 in the main tent on market square all day Wednesday and answering any questions about past, present and future projects.  We are all looking forward it and hoping to meet as many of you as possible.

3rd October 2012

The Silent Era is Over: Long Live the Noisy Era

Until recently, the ability to play any type of audio within a browser involved using Adobe Flash or other browser plugins. As a developer specialising in HTML5 games this was not an avenue we even wanted to consider going down. Now after a lot of technical work at our end and the browsers catching up one of the most exciting and long-awaited features in HTML5, enabling native audio playback within the browser, is ready. A massive update to all our games is being tested at the moment and will be rolled out very soon. Where players could only imaging the sounds of the world of Loka now they will hear the mighty elemental hordes sweep across the plains.

22nd August 2012

Tester Entry for Year 0 opening soon

After cataclysmic finale to the last world war the world is a broken hellish version of its former self. By day the sun is visible as a faint ghost through the pall, a memory of golden promise. Rain spits black torrents from the heavens. Stagnant rivers reflect the hazy sheen in an inverted pall. Black trees morph and twist out of the hellish bracken. The War may be over but as the survivors to emerge from their underground bunkers the Battle has only just begun. It is Year 0. While scavengers forage the ruins of civilisation for anything that might ensure another day of survival, mechanised factories continue to provide sufficient material to ensure death at high velocities. There isn't much left, but it is worth fighting for...

16th August 2012

The Latest Game Thinking and Technology for all: Legendary Services Launched

If you need a unique site to service your customers and beat your competition Legendary Services offers cutting-edge interactive web design, gamification, consultancy services, animation, social network integration, and multi-platform compatibility (including mobile devices). Legendary Services is the business services side of online games company Legendary Games and brings the latest game thinking and technology to the commercial sector. Visit for more details

8th August 2012

Legendary Games to Lead £650k R&D Project on Artwork and Animation Production Processes

Legendary Games are leading a consortium containing Demontfort University, Idhammer and Babel Ltd PR and other creative specialists in applying lean processing principles to art and animation production. The result of the R&D project will be a commercial tool (working title MAAPIT) that will facilitate reductions in levels of production effort & time, increase output levels per unit of resource & enable reductions in lean wastes through higher levels of synchronous work flow. MAAPIT will focus on animation production processes generic to games, films, TV & advertising & the avoidance of non-added value work in art production where Babel Ltd (BL) will provide industry expertise & knowledge

27th July 2012

SCRI: A Powerful New KPI Analytic system

Legendary Games can now announce that it has developed SCRI (Segmented Customer Response Indicator) a powerful analytics tool built with government funding from the Technology Strategy Board. SCRI will collect data on user activity and provide feedback on a per user basis of how they are interacting with features of the site. Unlike most other off the shelf KPI/analytic systems SCRI not only displays this analytic data but includes a second stage: identifying what are the best solutions are to the identified problems. The user base can be segmented into groups. These groups could be made up of random selections of users or any other given determinate such as "users who have made at least one purchase". Each group can be given a slightly different version of the site or game experience, with one particular improvement in place. There will always be at least one control group which will continue to receive the unchanged experience. This system will work on any online based application including smart phone applications.

6th July 2012

Legendary Games Welcomes New Creative Quarter

Up to £60m is to be invested in Nottingham's economy after the council agreed a new "City Deal" with the government. The money will go towards establishing a "creative hub" in the east part of the city to encourage new business and potentially create thousands of jobs. Nottingham is one of eight English cities outside London to have received one of the new deals. Speaking to BBC news Ewan Lamont CEO of Legendary Games said “This is absolutely fantastic news Legendary Games and other creative companies will benefit from this and be able to prosper significantly.” See link below:

27th June 2012

Kings of Chess Upgraded

The latest upgrade to Kings of Chess has just been released. There have been several changes made to improve the game. The biggest change is the ranking system now uses the Elo Rating system used by the World Chess Federation. New players start with a rating of 1200, and this can go up or down as you play opponents. The better the opponent is relative to you, the more you increase your Elo Rating for a win. Existing players will have their rankings recalculated using the new system. We hope players enjoy this change to the game and it motivates them to play more to climb the ranks. Another new feature is you can spend crowns to challenge strangers on the ranking table. In Kings of Chess all opponents are real people - there are no computer opponents - so a player’s Elo Rating is an accurate reflection of their chess skills compared to other players.

18th June 2012

Legendary Games to Launch Legendary Services

In addition to making online games Legendary Games has started consulting on and designing websites for non-games companies. The web and web sites are evolving with the arrival of HTML5. This includes WebGL hardware accelerated 3D capabilities, sound, video playback and other features to take web content to the next level. Legendary Games are well positioned to take advantage of these developments as they become more widely supported and as a games company can bring skills and features to the online space not possessed by normal Web design companies.

In addition to the technical skills Legendary can apply game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. This Gamification of non-game applications is one of the most important trends in recent time. Gamification can potentially be applied to any industry and almost anything to create fun and engaging experiences, converting users into players.

31st May 2012

Year 0 Harvester Wins Master Gold Award from Ballistic Publishing

Two pieces of concept art from Year 0 which is currently in production have been selected to appear in EXPOSÉ 10, the tenth edition of the premier annual art book, which celebrates the creative talents of digital artists worldwide.

The Harvester and Recon drone created by Thomas Crausaz (aka Tharmine) will appear in the book alongside other major pieces of art from the world of in the film, game and animation world.

EXPOSÉ 10 will be released worldwide in July 2012

24th May 2012

Legendary Chess Challenge

Kings of Chess is all set to receive some extra features.  We will soon change the ranking system to be based on the ELO international chess ranking system rather than the current prestige system and today we introduced challenge direct.  You can view the results summary of other player's on the Global Ranking table, not just your friends, you can also challenge them directly, by expending 1 Crown.  This means you can select players who have a similar ranking to you, get an exciting and challenging match and make your way up the table to be the King of Chess!

15th May 2012

Reign of Fire

After a week of fighting in Wrath of the Elements Agni reigns supreme.  Can they be knocked off their perch by the rest of the Elemental powers?  We have switched to awarding prestige to each faction for the number of campaign territories held by all the players in the faction. In addition, you can see how much campaign prestige you are contributing displayed at the top of the campaign screen, so you can see how much your efforts are adding to the faction total!

10th May 2012

The Battle for Loka Begins

We have just rolled out the latest version of Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements.  You can now experience the long awaited campaign mode and play any friend, in any type of game as many times as you like all absolutely free.

3rd May 2012

May Day... May Day.... Wrath of the Elements Campaign Imminent!

Legendary Games are pleased to announce that very early in May we will release of what effectively amounts to the second version of Shuuro: WOTE brimming with bags of new features.   Right from the very beginning we knew the actual games of Shuuro were fun but for the online game to be complete it needed a great meta game system to link all the games together.  The time is here.   In the next few days everyone will get the chance to conquer Loka playing on the new campaign map with their results and who they attack effecting the overall faction score.  This great new feature will replace open challenges.  You can dominate the centre ground of Kendra or lay waste to the forest realm of Prithvi.  All Challenges will be played for prestige and XP as normal but games against friends will be completely free no matter the size of game: Skirmish, Flank or Battle.  Mana will only be spent on challenges in the campaign mode of the game.   We certainly can’t wait to play this new version of the game and hope all the other players will be equally excited.

11th April 2012

Legendary Games to Drive Power Sector Technology Development

Legendary Games has been selected by the technology strategy board to lead a study  with Staffordshire University exploring the feasibility of creating an Augmented Reality Intelligent Agent game (ARIA) the playing of which will directly reduce energy consumption in the home.  The game application will be connected to the output of a British Gas home energy monitoring meter. ARIA will use a novel computer game interface with real time inputs to facilitate monitoring, control and communications of data and reward players virtually for their real world behaviour.  ARIA will be playable on any device that has access to the internet PC, smart phone, etc.  The application will also capture the energy consumption habits and the location of the user during consumption.  This will be essential information in the future development of power distribution in a time of increased distribution generation. The intended output is a tech demo to demonstrate the feasibility of a game delivering sustainable engagement and usable data to aid future power distribution challenges.


Ewan Lamont CEO of Legendary Games said:  “This is an exciting project for Legendary Games.  Where gamification has been used before for energy users to compare and compete against each other consumption has dropped by up to 10%.  We have the right partners and have the right technology to enable consumers to deliver real cost and environmental savings and have fun in the process. “

21st March 2012

Legendary Games Welcomes Tax Breaks for Games

The UK government has declared its intention to establish a nationwide games tax break policy, in a dramatic manoeuvre that leaves the British Games Industry in a state of excitement and jubilation.

Standing in the Commons for his 2012 Budget speech, Chancellor George Osborne said the UK games development industry would benefit from similar tax break measures that benefit the UK film industry.

8th March 2012

Legendary Games to Promote Amplify Award

Legendary Games won the Amplify Award from Nottingham’s flagship creative business centre in 2010 and has now been asked to help promote the next round.  Budding entrepreneurs or anyone with a creative business idea, benefit from more than £25,000 worth of business support. Ewan Lamont said:

The free virtual tenancy was a great boost to the company in the early days when money was really tight and encouraged us to make full use of the facilities Antenna had to offer.  Free business consultancy is also proving to be really useful.  As much as you think you know your business it is always good to have your beliefs reconfirmed and fill gaps in your knowledge.”

29th February 2012

Legendary Games to Join Creative Class 2012

The Creative Class exists to profile and celebrate new companies with a creative flair, many of whom have grown to become significant employers.   Nottingham is fortunate to have an increasing number of these companies in a range of sectors from life sciences to gaming and clean tech to fashion and film.  The Class is being promoted by Invest in Nottingham Club. Invest in Nottingham Club is the campaign set up to help promote and grow the East Midlands' commercial capital.

22nd February 2012

Legendary launch their Virtual Studio Concept

Legendary Games will spearhead their virtual studio concept.  With the British Games industry receiving disappointing story after disappointing story of studios closing down, Legendary plan to facilitate a lighter more flexible production model.  Legendary are applying for funding to create a system where teams of outsourcers working from different locations can collaborate on a project via a production tool designed for this purpose.

3rd February 2012

Legendary Join Tiga

Legendary Games announce that they have joined Tiga the UK Games Industry trade body.  Ewan Lamont CEO said “ I think it is vitally important for a growing games company to be a member if its trade body.  We are delighted to be joining Tiga.  We have been impressed by how much work they have done to support the industry in the UK.  Their work on helping to drive government policy has been inspiring and the events and information they provide members is excellent."

25th January 2012

We Are Now Actively Recruiting

We are actively recruiting for two full time positions: a Web Developer with a good eye for layout and a more technical PHP Developer role.  See our careers section for more detail.

As a fast growing business we need the best talent now and are actively looking for people to contribute to the company at any level. Full time, part time, freelance... volunteer.

We will be interested if you want to freelance and pitch in part time. So if you are in a full time job that you love or taught course but still want to contribute drop us a line.

We will be interested if you are a Student looking for a short placement or internship that will build up your CV.

19th January 2012

Games and Smart Energy

Can games designers help people manage and reduce their consumption of energy? This week Legendary Games met with academics and partners in the energy supply chain to form a collaborative partnership which will come up with how can games developers and designers contribute to the development of products and services that encourage consumers to reduce energy consumption.

11th January 2012

Legendary commission Tharmine and PB studios

Legendary announce that they have signed arrangements to work with Tharmine Studio and PB Design Solutions.   PB are a design company based in Snowdonia, UK, with over 10 years commercial experience working for a range of clients around the world. Tharmine is a specialist in 3d art, Illustration and Matte Painting and has worked for games companies and independent film makers for the last 7 years.

7th January 2012

New Year New Look

A Happy New year to all our fans.  The observant of will have noticed our logo changed a few weeks back.  Following on the heels of the logo revamp will be an overhaul of the corporate website and games portal site.  The old website served us well for a year but the new design is looking a lot more exciting.  It should make it much easier for anyone accessing information and will automatically scale to a size appropriate to the device being used be it Console or Kindle.

23rd December 2011

Kings of Chess announced

Merry Christmas one and all.  As a Christmas treat we have just launched our free open beta version of Chess.  There are only two kings rather than three but there will be lots of wise men playing it.  Enjoy.   Follow this URL to play:

21st December 2011

Legendary Speaking at Launch and Develop

In November both founders were engaged in the industry speaking circuit.  Gavin spoke at LAUNCH: Future Gaming & Digital Conference 2011 in Birmingham and  shared some of his experience of starting a company at this time particularly focusing on the fickle nature of the freemium model and how it may not be the silver bullet everyone believes it to be.  Ewan gave a rousing performance at Develop in Liverpool extoling the virtues and problems associated with a start-up company looking for investment and encouraged everyone with drive and imagination to just do it.

25th November 2011

Happy Birthday Us

A year ago today Legendary Games was incorperated.  We have come a long way in a year but hope to so much further in an other year.  A big thankyou to all our friends and business partners

1st November 2011

Game for a Job

Legendary Games will be offering an internship to the applicant with the highest score in their open Beta version of Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements.  To apply log on to the open beta  at this URL or via facebook and invite the player to be your friend.  The placement will last three months with the opportunity of a full time job at the end.  We publicised this opportunity at Game City with the deadline date of the 30th November we are now extending this to the 15th December.

26th October 2011

Legendary at Game City

As part of the Game City Festival in Nottingham Legendary Games will be running demonstrations and talking through their upcoming releases on Thursday 27th October in the main tent in Market Square.  Players will be able to sign up for the Open Beta of Wrath of the Elements the online strategy game based on the board game Shuuro and earn a bundle of free virtual goods.  Prizes will be offered to the player with the highest score with the offer of an internship to the highest scoring student.

See link for details: Schedule


13th July 2011

Legendary's first game 'Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements' is now in Open Beta!

'Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements' is now available to play both via this site, or Facebook. The game is still in Open Beta, so features and improvements are still being implemented, but we actively welcome feedback and suggestions at our Legendary Facebook Page.

1st April 2011

Credit to Facebook Credits

It seemed only natural with the integration of Shuuro into Facebook, the popular social networking platform, that we also incorporated Facebook Credits into the game.  It is now possible to use Facebook credits to purchase manna in game.  It is also of note that you can play Shuuro cross platform meaning players in Facebook can play players playing via web Shuuro on the iPhone.

21st March 2011

Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements Receives a Facelift Thanks to Sculptor Wojciech Flis.

Legendary Games have employed the concept sketches of Wojciech Flis, a Polish sculptor in their most recent rendering of Shuuro.  Flis is sculpting figures designed for Alessio Cavatore and Riverhorses as replacements for the standard chessmen in the board game.  The sculptures have been implemented into the computer version of the game allowing the player to experience the world envisioned by Cavatore.

15th March 2011

Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements makes the IC Tomorrow competition finals

Over 120 applications were entered into the IC Tomorrow competition and Shuuro: Wrath of the Elements was the only game to make it to the finals where the live panel will assess those that have made it through.  IC Tomorrow is a market simulation for businesses that produce new innovative digital products, a platform created with a core objective to grow the UK economy.  Legendary Games are ecstatic to have reached the finals of the competition and look forward to performing our pitch to the panel later this month.

3rd March 2011

Legendary 3D

In response to closed beta testing Legendary Games have made the decision to alter their soon to be released strategy game from 2D to isometric view.  Feedback suggested the move would improve the overall aesthetics, aid strategy and scale well for future releases.

17th February 2011

Legendary Sign with Adknowledge

Legendary Games have signed up with the pioneering market leader of virtual currency provision Adknowledge.  The integration of Adknowledge’s micro-transaction services into Legendary Games products will allow players to purchase game enhancing upgrades for both current and future titles.  Ewan Lamont, Chief Executive Officer of Legendary Games said ‘Working with Adknowledge allows us to invest a great deal more into the games we produce.  This will offer both a better level of service and a deeper experience for our players.’

1st February 2011

Legendary Sign with RDG Accounts

Legendary Games are pleased to announce they are now working with RDG Accounting.  RDG Accounting are a progressive accountancy practice and will be provide accounts, taxation and business advice to Legendary Games.  Held in high regard by the accountancy industry and their customers Legendary Games feel RDG meet all the requirements needed to help the company become even more successful in the future.


14th December 2010

Legendary enter into detailed negotiations with River Horse

Legendary and Riverhorse have started work on looking at how to port their board game Shuuro to an online social platform like facebook. Shuuro creator Alessio Cavatore will play a lead role in the game design. In the last thirteen years, Origins awards winner Alessio Cavatore has written or co-written the current rules sections of the rulebooks of all of Games Workshop's widely known miniatures game systems, not to mention a plethora of expansions and other type of supplements and support material for these systems.

26th November 2010

Gav and Ewan meet with Ed Vaizey, Minister for Communication, Culture and the Creative Industries

As part of his visit to Nottingham, Ed dropped in to see us to chat about the industry as a whole and what pitfalls start-up and established games companies face, and what government can do to help.

25th November 2010

Legendary Games Founded

Ewan Lamont and Dr Gavin Rummery founded Legendary Games in November 2010 to introduce a series of online strategy games into the growing social games market.  Company Mission:
  1. Build Social Games and Phone applications that are truly social. Players should play with other people
  2. Involve the Community in our game production. People love games and want to be involved, we love games and want to involve them.
  3. Ensure our technology supports online play on any internet enabled device, from Console to Kindle